Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Edward Vs Team Jacob

Why are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Let me know and I may just give a bracelet to whoever gives the best answer!

New Moon

Is it me or is Kristen's acting so much better in this movie? Oh and she is a lot prettier here too. I love that her barely there makeup shows how beautiful she really is and her hair isn't as poofy!
Ofcourse Rob is still HOT, if not even HOTTER! and Jacob's body is delicious! Feedback please....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Women Love Edward Cullen

Reasons why women love Edward Cullen

A normal guy would say: I love you baby
Edward Cullen would say: You are my life now

As you leave the house a normal guy would say: Bye See ya!
Edward Cullen would say: Hurry back to me

While you've gone far away, a normal guy would say: I miss you
Edward Cullen would say: It's like you've taken half myself with you

If you died, a normal guy would find another
Edward Cullen would kill himself because "life without you isn't worth living"

Twilight Inspired Bella Bracelet

My love for the Twilight Saga has inspired me to create one of a kind trinkets that every Twilighter will love. One of which is the bracelet that Jacob gave to Bella in Eclipse.


There are 7 charms in the bracelet:

This is Jacob's Wolf form in Jade.

This onyx swarovski crystal symbolizes Edward's eyes before he hunts

This topaz swarovski crystal symbolizes Edward's eyes after he hunts

This swarovski crystal heart represents the crystal heart Edward gave Bella

This round marble stone represents Edward's hard, cold, marble body

This red charm represents the "forbidden fruit" the apple in the Twilight cover

This brown charm represents Jacob's russet fur when he is in his wolf form


Each charm is approximately 6mm and comes in 10k gold or sterling silver chain. All swarovski crystals are genuine.

There are 3 sizes available:
To determine your size measure your wrist and add 1" to that measurement. (For Ex: if your wrist is 7" then you should order the 8" bracelet)

Order now for the introductory prices of:
Sterling silver: $14.99
10k gold : $19.99
*plus $5.00 shipping

I accept Paypal

Please allow 2 weeks to ship.

If you have any inquiries, would like to be on the mailing list or would like to order please email me at:
Please indicate your full name, shipping address, contact number and specific order so that I can mail you the Paypal Money Request form.

twilight princess :)

P.S. more items will be posted up soon.